Gather up your data and draft it into one place.

Muster is a hassle-free way to record your operational data to give you and your stakeholders the lay of the land.

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Collect information from the ground

Developed in conjunction with Eltorito and some of New Zealand's leading farm operators, Muster is an online tool that collects information from on the ground and drafts it into the office. Capture your on-farm data and pair it with internal and external information sources so you and your stakeholders can get the lay of the land.

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The lay of the land

Data is most powerful when your whole business can access the information that matters. Easily collate operational information to build your own farm intelligence database so your team can:

  • Identify areas of over/under performance
  • Monitor trends such as how body condition score is tracking or where production is against budget
  • Identify outliers within a group of operating units
  • Establish communication lines to document compliance related tasks
  • Provide stakeholders with regular, consistent and familiar reports that instil confidence
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Data Capture

Collect and collate information such as pasture cover, supplement input, cow condition, milk production and compliance matters to provide oversight of farming KPIs.

Live Dashboard

Access an easy to view dashboard that cuts your data without getting too technical, providing oversight across operations, resource management, optimisation and business performance.

Automatic Reporting

Regular reports are automatically compiled. Choose a reporting cycle that suits your needs so you can take action before something gets out of hand.

Customised Reporting

After more bespoke reporting? We do that too through Eltorito’s consulting services, applying formulas and functions to your data so you can track what’s most meaningful to your operation.


Bring a range of stakeholders into the same conversation all at the click of a button. Outputs can be created for farm managers, senior management, board, and third parties.

Unlimited Users

Create role-specific accounts for your team so that they can make informed decisions and contribute to operation-wide goals.

Access From Anywhere

Access Muster from anywhere - phone, tablet, PC or Mac. Connectivity a little patchy? Offline mode means you can continue to capture data, even if you lose your internet.

Safe and Secure

Your data is always safe, secure, and under your control. All data is transmitted over the internet via SSL encryption, so nothing is ever exposed.

Export Data

Easily export any dashboard data in multiple formats. Use PDF for quick data sharing, or download the data behind your reports into Excel to perform advanced calculations.

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“With multiple farms in multiple regions, we needed a tool that enabled our team on the ground to provide a regular and consistent data feed into head office. The data we collate is used to prepare a range of reports at different levels; this includes individual farm reports for our sharemilkers to review their own performance and share with their staff, benchmarking reports for internal management and the Board of Directors, as well as compliance reporting to ensure we're on top of our game.”

Craig McBeth, CEO, Dairy Farms NZ

“DDL has a portfolio of 30+ farms which we supervise across the Waikato. Using Muster we’re able to capture up-to-date information to monitor what’s happening on the ground at each farm. For us and our stakeholders it's invaluable to be able to proactively track feed, livestock, agri-nutrients and compliance matters – ensuring that we’re focusing attention where it's needed most.”

Josh Firth, Farm Supervisor, Dairy Direct Limited

“We’re now spending a lot less time capturing and cleansing data allowing us to focus our efforts on reviewing the results and taking action. There's so much value in being able to benchmark production within our business units to track how we’re performing at a micro and macro level.”

Zach Ward, CEO, Canterbury Grasslands Limited